Carabiner Keychain

Carabiner keychain models like any other designs are prefered by people who believe that this design represents them. Just like the diamond ring keychain is mostly bought by women who are interested in accessorizing everything they wear, so does the carabiner keychain go for men who are sports interested, especially those who are interested in climbing.

The carabiner keychain can look very appealing and cute or solid and resistant. The design varies with color, shape and size and, of course, with price. Many of these carabiner keychain designs are sold at a very cheap price which may or may not include engraving a promotional or a custom logo on it. That is why these key chains are preferred in larger numbers by their purchasers and are distributed as part of a promotional campaign.

A first model, the mini carabiner keychain is only about two thirds of the large size carabiners, that is 2.25” x 1.25”. It has a frame which is very resistant and the color you may want to have it in varies widely. It usually comes without anything engraved on it so you can choose to customize it as you wish.

Another carabiner keychain model is the large one which looks indeed more solid and also provides more space for the engraved logo you want. Just as with the small designs, engraving is carried out using the laser technology which renders a very fine quality logo.

Another carabiner keychain is the pear shaped one. They are the same size as the mini keychains mentioned above but look a lot cuter. The eight –shape form also prevents your keys from staying apart, therefore many customers prefer this model.

The shoe carabiner keychain is another model that demonstrates how much manufacturers try to appeal to all kinds of customers. Of course, the carabiner keychain is widely preferred by men, yet the new shoe shaped one looks very cute and even has a high heel. The color varies with preferences and the size is not very large.

Carabiner keychain models differ a lot from each other and many fancy ideas and designs have been put into practice. Some look like handbags, others look like boots, or hand saws, or dog bones, and so on. Whichever model, be it fancy, cute or just classsic, the carabiner keychain is practical and makes it a lot easier to hold keys together, place them on the keychain or remove them. The widely appealing aspect has made them quite popular.